Low Cost Meals.
Restaurants, cafeterias and other eating establishments operated by hospitals, senior centers or other organizations which provide reduced-cost meals for low-income people, older adults or other targeted individuals.
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541 Eatery and Exchange
Phone: 289-389-0541
Contact: Rev. Sue Carr, Executive Director
Address: 541 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON, L8L 2X2
Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am-7 pm * Sat 7 am-4 pm
Cost: Service - Reasonable and affordable prices for homemade food;
Who can access this service?: Open to all
How to apply:
Eatery serving affordable home made food and a venue for exchanging ideas. Proceeds are used to facilitate educational community initiatives such as a homework club, a youth employment program, eating well workshops, kitchen skills training and other skills training opportunities. Offer a program to buy a button for someone to use for food.
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Frozen Meals
Ancaster Community Services
Phone: 905-648-6675
Contact: Paula Jones
Email: pjones@hpl.ca
Address: Ancaster Municipal Service Centre and Library, 300 Wilson St E Lower Level, Ancaster, ON, L9G 2B9
Hours: Office: Mon, Tue, Fri 9 am-4 pm * Order every Thu before 2 pm * Delivery the following Wed for those eligible for delivery * Pick up at the ACS office Wed after 12 pm
Cost: Service - $5.50 – meal only * $6.25 – meal and dessert OR meal and soup * $1.85 – dessert or soup only * Prices are subject to change without prior written notice
Who can access this service?: Ancaster residents who are elderly, disabled, or are temporarily confined to home
How to apply: Registration is required, contact for information * Meals are ordered every Thursday before 2 pm and delivered the following Wednesday for those eligible for delivery or picked up at the ACS office Wednesday after 12 pm
Provides meals prepared from fresh foods and frozen the week prior to delivery or pick-up. Offers 35 different entrées and desserts over a 5 week rotation plus 7 different soups each week. Meals are delivered to the door or can be picked up at the ACS office. Cooking times and instructions are provided on the cellophane cover of every entrée.
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Hamilton Dining Room (The)
St. Joseph's Home Care
Phone: 905-526-3668
Contact: Colin Duncan, Food Services Manager
Address: First Place, 350 King St E 3C Floor, Hamilton, ON, L8N 3Y3
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Cost: Service - Low cost
Who can access this service?: Open to all
How to apply:
Open daily for the convenience of residents and the general public. Located on 3C and operated by St. Joseph's Home Care, offers a diverse menu priced to be accessible to many.
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Meals on Wheels (Frozen)
Glanbrook Community Services
Phone: 905-692-3464
Contact: Carole Taylor, Program Coordinator
Address: 4280 Binbrook Rd Unit 2, Binbrook, ON, L0R 1C0
Hours: Mon-Thu 8:30am-4:30pm, Fri 8:30am-12:30pm
Cost: Service - meal: $5.75 * meal and soup or meal and desert: $6.50 * desert or soup: $1.75;
Who can access this service?: Glanbrook and area resident seniors and other adults with limitations
How to apply: Contact for information Meals can be ordered online with email confirmation <a href=https://glanbrookcommunityservices.ca/meals-made-easy/> click here</a>
Service provides healthy, frozen meals to seniors and those requiring additional nutritional assistance. Meals are delivered weekly, meals can also be picked up at the GCS office. Meals provided by Ina Grafton Village in St. Catharine's and by Zarky's in Hamilton